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Amazon Web Services Blog: Start-Up Project Customer Presentations Rock!

by greut

These presentations have a ton of "Lessons Learned" embedded within. Each presentation is filled with Best Practices, reference-architecture diagrams, approximate monthly bill they paid to Amazon, and some simply cool strategies. These are experiences from those who are running Amazon Web Services in Production.

with the audio.

Offload your multimedia content and bandwidth to Amazon using PHP

by nhoizey
Save disk space and bandwidth, and increase the reliability of your site by using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) remote storage service to host your media files. You'll also improve the reliability of your site as it serves large multimedia files

Amazon Web Services: Monster Muck Mashup - Mass Video Conversion Using AWS

by nhoizey & 1 other
L'auteur utilise Amazon S3 pour le stockage, Amazon EC2 pour convertir les vidéos, et Amazon SQS pour les échanges de messages durant le process, un must !

Amazon Web Services Blog: New Video: EC2 Ruby Elastic Rails Capistrano = Scalability

by greut
AWS developer shows how to use Elastic Rails and Capistrano to create and deploy Ruby on Rails applications.


Using PHP5's SOAP Support

by kalooni
An example using the Amazon ECS API



by fox_b & 1 otherから取得したトップセラー情報をあなたのホームページに表示し、あなたがAmazonアソシエイト・プログラムに参加していれば紹介料収入をもたらしてくれるスクリプトです。Amazon Webサービス(AWS)を利用して常時自動更新するので、一度設置すれば完全放置でOK。Amazonがアソシエイト向けに用意しているライブリンクと基本的に同じものですが、圧倒的な軽快さ、商品価格の表示、カスタマイズの柔軟性、Google AdSenseとの互換性といった点でより優れています。