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HD44780 Library

by JJL
HD44780 Library - avr freaks

AVR-GCC libraries: LCD library

by JJL
Basic routines for interfacing a HD44780U-based text LCD display.

mega-isp - In System Programmer using the AVR Mega8 - Google Project Hosting

by JJL (via)
In System Programmers based on the AVR Mega8 chip, including Arduino(tm) Avrisp protocol firmware (includes support for fuses and locks).


simavr - Gitorious

by JJL (via)
simavr is a new AVR simulator for linux, or any platform that uses avr-gcc. It uses avr-gcc own register definition to simplify creating new targets for supported AVR devices.



AVR on Ethernet

by gbuma
Ethernet control of an AVR microcontroller

How to build your own wireless receiver and transmitter device? Use RF in your next embedded application design!

by refa
Today you cannot see an embedded device without RF (Radio Frequency) capabilities, without the option to transfer data wireless. So I decided to make a little project that can be understood, handled and implemented by everybody; simplicity rules.


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