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Réparez 90% des problèmes informatiques avec un seul outil - Autoruns - 01net

by fxbis & 1 other
Des fenêtres publicitaires qui apparaissent sur le bureau sans raison? Des conflits entre des applications pourtant désinstallées? Un temps de démarrage anormalement long? Des soucis à l'extinction du PC? Tous ces problèmes trouvent leur solution avec un seul outil gratuit, méconnu et pourtant indispensable: Autoruns de Microsoft/SysInternals.

Using Opera as a CD-ROM front-end

by stoneland (via)
Opera can be used offline as a CD-ROM front-end with the following steps:



by jdrsantos
CDStarter is a freeware program to put on your CDs that will present the user with a list of buttons to run software or open files on your CD. You can define your own lists and each button can have its own icon. CDStarter has support for different languag


USB Drive AutoRun.inf Tweaking

by Tephlon (via)
The autorun.inf file is the key to getting your USB drive (or CD-ROM drive, for that matter) to perform certain actions automatically and customize it’s look in My Computer. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on how this can be done.


Simon Willison: Executing JavaScript on page load

by nhoizey & 3 others (via)
assigning a callback function directly to the window.onload handler is out of the question as doing so will over-ride previously assigned callbacks from other scripts

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