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03 April 2005


by lunar & 5 others
For example, if you search for "biotechnology" in a typical search engine, you get hundreds of entries for biotech corporations. In activista, the same search returns pages of people working to expose the dangers of biotechnology.

05 March 2005

Routage dynamique avec BGP

by lunar
Ce document est fourni pour vous permettre de comprendre et de configurer BGP.

18 February 2005

GenderChanger Academy

by lunar
The Gender Changer Academy is a nonprofit organisation by women for women, its primary goal being to improve women's understanding and skills with regards to computer hardware.

17 February 2005

a n a r g e e k . n e t

by lunar
m a n i f e s t e · d ' u n · a n a r g e e k


by lunar & 1 other
Atelier d'informatique populaire à Dijon

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