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Soundsource or equivalent for Mountain Lion? - MacRumors Forums

by garret
I too was looking for a SoundSource alternative and found that the same functionality is already built into ML! For Mountain Lion, just hold down the Option key while pressing the Speaker icon in the menu bar!!


Qtractor | Free Audio

by jdrsantos
"Qtractor is an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C around the Qt4 toolkit. The target platform will be Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio, and the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for MIDI,"



by gregg & 1 other
Permute is the perfect A/V conversion tool for those of us that are not A/V experts. With its drag and drop ease of use and simple, custom settings behind the curtain, it’s the answer to all the "other" confusing and complicated alternatives.

Rogue Amoeba | Pulsar: XM And SIRIUS Radio On Mac OS X, With No Timeouts And No Browser Needed

by garret
"XM and SIRIUS both provide online access to most of their stations, but tuning in with a browser is clunky at best. With Pulsar and an XM or SIRIUS online account, you can access all this great content directly from your desktop." Free trial - noise is overlaid on all playback longer than 20 minutes.


Songbird | Open Source Music Player

by garret & 6 others
Songbird is an open-source customizable music player that's under active development. We're working on creating a non-proprietary, cross platform, extensible tool that will help enable new ways to playback, manage, and discover music.


i use this: Jaikoz | audiotagger

by garret
Jaikoz is a powerful audiotagger that supports Mp3, Mp4, OggVorbis and Flac files. Jaikoz can manually edit filenames, folder/subfolder names, ID3v1,ID3v2,ID3v2.2,ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags and OggVorbis comments. It also automatically updates files by performing acoustic fingerprint matching and metadata lookups (using MusicBrainz and MusicIP database).


XP Codec Pack

by Aspo & 2 others
"XP Codec Pack is one of the most complete codec pack" audio and Video codecs for windows xp system...

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