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This year - gratuit et instantané avancée Youtube To Service MP3!

by plooki & 1 other est un service de vidéo en ligne youtube convertir, ce qui vous permet de ripper et extraire l'audio (au format MP3) ŕ partir de vidéos YouTube et les télécharger sur votre ordinateur instantanément. Vous pouvez également télécharger les vidéos en différents formats (3GP / MP4 / WebM / FLV) et les résolutions pour votre ordinateur ou appareil mobile. Le convertisseur youtube est entièrement gratuit et ne nécessite aucune inscription!

Peggo - Télécharger simplement le mp3 ou la vidéo de Youtube

by plooki & 3 others
Peggo est un service qui vous aidera à récupérer une piste audio au format mp3 ou même une vidéo provenant de Youtube. Ça peut éventuellement dépanner ;-)

Télécharger simplement le mp3 ou la vidéo de Youtube

by Krome & 3 others
Peggo est un service qui vous aidera à récupérer une piste audio au format mp3 ou même une vidéo provenant de Youtube. Ça peut éventuellement dépanner ;-)

Télécharger simplement le mp3 ou la vidéo de Youtube

by Giraultises & 3 others (via)
Peggo est un service qui vous aidera à récupérer une piste audio au format mp3 ou même une vidéo provenant de Youtube. Ça peut éventuellement dépanner ;-)


Software Download Page

by fotopol
Video Tools * BroadCam (video broadcasting) * Debut (video recorder) * VideoPad (video editor) * EyeLine (video surveillance) * Prism (video format converter) * Photostage (photo slideshow creator) * Disketch (CD label software) * Express Burn (burn video to DVD) * Express Talk (video VoIP SIP softphone) * Golden Videos (VHS to DVD Converter) * FlashLynx (video download software) * More video software... Image and Photo Tools * PhotoPad (image and photo editor) * Pixillion (image format converter) * PhotoStage (create photo slideshows) * Photilla (photo album software) * ScreenStream (stream presentations to other screens) * Disketch (CD label software) * More image and photo tools... Broadcasting Tools * BroadCam (video broadcasting server) * BroadWave (streaming audio server) * Debut (record video for broadcast) * RecordPad (record audio for broadcast) * WavePad (edit audio files) * MixPad Sound Mixer (mix audio files) * SoundTap (record streaming audio and VoIP) * Quorum (interview via conference calls) Radio Station Software * VRS Radio Station Logger (multiple channel) * BroadWave (streaming audio server) * Tone Generator (test-tone generator) * WavePad (sound editor) * MixPad (audio file mixer) * ToneDet (tone detector) * AudioTime (scheduled record and replay) Audio Tools * WavePad (edit audio files) * Switch (convert sound files) * VRS (record phone / radio automatically) * RecordPad (simple sound recorder) * PlayPad (audio player) * SoundTap (streaming audio recorder) * Express Burn (record audio CDs) * MixPad (multitrack production) * Golden Record (vinyl to cd) * Express Rip (extract audio CDs) * BroadWave (stream audio online) * Zulu (DJ Audio Software) * More audio software... Mac OS X Software * Classic FTP for Mac (FTP client software) * Express Dictate for Mac (computer dictation system) * WavePad for Mac (audio editing software) * RecordPad for Mac (audio recording software) * Switch for Mac (sound format converter) * Express Invoice (professional invoicing software) * Express Burn for Mac (CD/DVD burning software) * Express Scribe for Mac (transcription software) * FastFox for Mac (text expansion utility) * Golden Records for Mac (vinyl to CD software) * See all our Mac Software... Other Utilities * Classic FTP (manually upload or download files) * MailBase (automatic email archiving) * MEO (encrypt your files) * Verbose (text to speech converter) * Stamp (ID3 tag editor) * Slice (audio file splitter) * Vemail (send voice emails) * Debut (video recorder)



Loudtalks — keep talking. Two way radio over p2p

by springnet & 3 others
Loudtalks brings voice back to the internet communications. It's a little application, which allows you to talk to your friends or colleagues instantly with a single touch of a button. Think walkie talkie. It's faster than text chat and more convenient th


by auction
Welkom op Nirlaw Hypotheek en notaris . Nirlaw Hypotheek en notaris huishoudelijke-regelement-flat geeft u uit diverse bronnen actueel nieuws en links op het gebied van huishoudelijke-regelement-flat. Zo toont Nirlaw Hypotheek en notaris huishoudelijke-re

Web audio book leader faces competition - Technology -

by tashok
Audio book vendor Audible is finally beginning to show profits but the prospect of ... allowing users to download and then listen to a book on their phone. ...

The Audio Book Guide

by tashok
You'll learn the best practice weasel methods for avoiding work, besting coworkers, and hiding your incompetence. To enhance your personal life, you'll find precise instructions for training your spouse to become your remote-controlled robot, whining like a weasel no matter how good your life is (even if you're a bestselling author!) and using Weaseleze, the official tongue of weasels

Batavia Public Library - ListenIllinois FAQ

by ashokt
Audible - Yes, Audible titles are pre-loaded on Library-owned MP3 players. Why can’t I download and play a downloadable audiobook on an iPod? ...

NMRLS Newsletter - May 2006

by ashokt
Wilbraham Public Library (MA) iPod Shuffle Project - "The library has purchased five iPod Shuffles to circulate with audiobook content. ...

The Audio Book Guide

by ashokt
Based on the BBC book of the same name, this audio version is written and presented by the author Deborah Tom is a chartered occupational psychologist. She runs two training and development companies, helping individuals, companies and organisations, including the BBC, achieve excellence.The BBC Personal Development series is aimed at anyone eager to develop and improve their skills and self-confidence. Written and presented by experts, the easy, step-by-step techniques will help generate self-confidence in an ever-competitive and pressurised society.

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