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April 2007


by Hugo8
Entertain you and drama passionately connects you with exciting, thoughtful literature: book art 101 (audio books, audio book art). This powerful, heart-stopping podcast YOUR QUALITY BOOK READING: AN AUDIOBOOK STORY grips audiobooks listeners with literary surprise (from

Your Quality Book Reading

by Hugo8
This post communicated a story about modmadhood, which is nonsense until you click on the link and then you see it is a literary site. If you listen to the readings they are really good, a movie also runs over the watercolor that is the site. I recommend the site, not the blog.

March 2007

Read Smarter Try Audio Books

by balara
The creme de la creme of audio books ready to download to your mp3 or 4 or ipod. Can also be burned to CD. Thousands of well known books in a large variety of categories and subcategories. Be a cool cat and feed your mind while you jog, walk the dog, wait in queues, etc. How about tackling a foreign joke, it's a breeze with our audio books.

December 2006

Best Audiobooks On The Net

by kierang
Great site. Download audiobooks without any membership fees. Download what you want when you want.

Foreign Language Courses on Downloadable Audio Books - New Niche Site Building Tool

by audiobookspick
Learning a foreign language can be quite tedious, and many certainly still remember the old way of getting the vocabulary into your head by boring repetition…. and it would still not really stick. Using an Audio Book to immerse yourself in a lang... (snip) build a niche site for foreign language courses that contains 100 sales pages and will, over the next few weeks be enhanced by a few more pages with articles and a link page. It took me less than a day from research to uploading these pages to the web server and going live.

August 2006

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