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April 2007

RFC 4287

by zedix
The Atom Syndication Format


by Nayko & 21 others
The RSS Platform Company


by Nayko & 3 others
service en ligne GRATUIT permettant de rechercher, de créer et de partager des fils d'actualités

GeoRSS Home

by greut & 5 others
number of ways to encode location in RSS feeds

March 2007

Feeds Atom de Cine

by MvsB
Feeds atom 0.3 de cine desde

Cine-Clásico :: Feeds o fuentes de noticias de Cine-Clasico

by MvsB
Hilo o tema explicativo de la utilidad de los feeds en

Argotic: The Vocabulary Of Web Content Syndication

by ms_michel (via)
Argotic is a collection of Microsoft.NET class libraries that implement common web content syndication specifications such as RSS 2.0 and ATOM 1.0. With the Argotic components, consuming syndication feeds or generating your own custom feeds has never been easier. Argotic has been designed to provide developers with a flexible provider model for storing and retrieving syndication feed information to and from the back-end database of their choice. Argotic also provides an extensible framework that allows developers to easily handle the large number of extensions in use by today's syndication specifications.

February 2007

(U) RSS and Atom Considerations: Moving Toward Atom (UNCLASSIFIED)

by benoit & 1 other

This white paper recommends that the Intelligence Community, over time, move toward adoption of Atom Syndication Format as the Community’s standard XML-based language for syndication feeds. The paper compares Atom to the current de facto standard, RSS 2.0, and explains the many benefits to be gained by moving toward Atom.

FeedLight | BrokenLogic

by nhoizey (via)
FeedLight is a stylesheet for NetNewsWire and Vienna.


by benoit (via)
The Atom Publishing Protocol

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Projects | Atom Publishing Protocol Test Client

by mbertier (via)
It is a validating client, which means that while performing APP operations it will validate the servers operations and the format of the documents transferred.

ongoing · Tag Scheme?

by benoit & 1 other

In Atom, categories have schemes. What scheme should we use for tags?

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