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30 September 2004 06:45

22 September 2004 08:00

RSS and Normalization theory

by michelv
Or how making the description element external to the feeds may save bandwidth the cost of a flurry of HTTP requests.

21 September 2004 10:15

TeledyN: RSS Killed the Blog Star

by tehu
Delta encoding in HTTP is a salve, not a solution. *It's the end of the World as we know it, and i feel fine.*

11 September 2004 01:45

Dan Diephouse: Google Groups and RSS??

by jabancroft
Use the new Google Groups 2 beta to subscribe to Usenet groups via RSS/Atom/XML

01 April 2004 11:15

xml-dev - Harmonising RSS-* and Atom

by François Hodierne
"solving interoperability problems with modern schema languages" Lumineux!!!

30 March 2004 09:15

An exercise in clarity: RSS

by François Hodierne
Explain RSS in 10 words or less to someone who reads news online but doesn't know what a newsreader or aggregator is.

20 March 2004 16:00

Developer offers olive branch

by François Hodierne
RSSAtom ? J'espère bien jamais dans nos machines. Ben Hammersley est aussi sceptique.

19 February 2004 06:15

Yahoo Becomes an RSS Directory!

by François Hodierne (via)
Uhm, cool, mais je comprends pas trop comment c'est censé les détecter ...

02 February 2004 12:30


by François Hodierne & 11 others
Rien d'exceptionnel ici mais juste pour mémoire

23 January 2004 08:15

My Yahoo! RSS Beta Launched

by François Hodierne
Waow. Faut que je regarde ça de près ...

10 December 2003 11:00

Why Atom doesn't use RSS 2.0

by François Hodierne
Une FAQ pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore compris

09 July 2003 15:30

01 July 2003 08:15

27 June 2003 13:15

25 June 2003 21:00

Replacing RSS ?

by François Hodierne
Phillip Pearson s'interroge sur le bien fondé d'un nouveau language de syndication des weblogs.

23 June 2003 17:00

A fresh start?

by François Hodierne
Mark annonce le début du travail pour un nouveau format d'archivage et de syndication pour les weblogs

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