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by greut

A vocubulary, and a set of processes for representing Atom in RDF

an old thing finally useful? Or should I use SIOC instead?

Free Cut and Paste Timelines for your Blog : My Timelines

by CharlesNepote & 4 others
"Instantly create an interactive timeline from your Atom, RDF or RSS Feed! Then cut and paste your timeline into virtually any blog or webpage! [...]"


Search Engine | Fwicki.Com

by washoetech
Great search engine for finding RSS news feeds. - over 1000 web2.0 sites listed in over 50 categories

by wanagi (via)
huge directory of all the next generation websites. there are already over 1000 sites listed in over 50 categories. it also provides thumbshots, user ratings, newest web2.0 buzz and rss content.

ITmedia エンタープライズ:RSSのセキュリティはどうなっている?

by plasticdreams

RAP - Rdf API for PHP V0.9.4 - Home

by piouPiouM & 5 others (via)
RAP is a software package for parsing, searching, manipulating, serializing and serving RDF models. : RSS et syndication (1)

by nhoizey & 2 others (via)
On parle en général de "syndication de contenu" pour désigner la possibilité de republier sur un site Web - en principe de façon automatisée - du contenu provenant d'un autre site Web


Choosing an RSS Reader

by philippej & 1 other
"In the end, you may find yourself using more than one feed reader...".

RSS Search Engines

by philippej & 2 others
"Full-fledged support for RSS searching from all of the major players expected by the end of the year".

What is RSS, and Why Should You Care ?

by philippej
Rien de neuf sous le soleil, mais toujours utile pour se rappeler quelques notions de base. A suivre : comment identifier un site web qui publie un fil RSS ?

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