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2007 Atom Authentication

by pyros & 4 others
eader for the actual authentication credentials, and recreates the steps Bob took in order to verify that Bob knows his passwor

2005 Atom Authentication

by fastclemmy & 4 others
I wish I didn't need to write this article. My life would be much simpler if Atom could just use existing HTTP authentication, as-is. But it can't; I'm going to tell you why and then I'm going to tell you what we're doing instead.

How many [atoms] would you like?

by François Hodierne
Google has a cool feature. It lets you tell it how many results you would like.


Telnet and REST Web Services ?

by philippej & 2 others
"It's unforgiving and unwieldy, but it provides valuable lessons in exactly what's going on with these important commands."

Companion to Atom

by François Hodierne
Sam Ruby monte une page pour expliquer les spécifications existantes sur lesquelles se base Atom. Ca commence par HTTP.

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