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How to Block Email Address in Gmail

by hapatchan
In this article, I will quickly show you how I achieved this and how you can block any Email address in Gmail account of yours.


How to Create Google Custom Search Engine (GSE) For Website

by hapatchan
Today we will see how to make Google custom search engine to search out your blog or website easily.

Facebook sans pub avec Facebook Clear

by hapatchan
Pour profiter de cette nouvelle façon se naviguer et d’utiliser Facebook, vous devrez avoir installé et utilisé Google Chrome sur votre PC et avoir ajouté l’extension Facebook Clear.


Google Accounts Multiple Sign-In

by hapatchan
In the beginning of this month, August, google system informed that there is good news for those who have Google account more than one and want to sign in/login together at once. Formerly, those who had more than one Google accounts could not sign in together at once using one browser.

Best 2 Know & Blogger | WordPress | Thesis and More

by hapatchan
Best 2 Know is a place were all of us get solutions to the Problems and mostly focuses on Blogger , WordPress and Thesis Platform


Google XXL

by hapatchan & 5 others
Actualités, dossiers et astuces sur Google.



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