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Tracking down Firefox plug-ins | Defensive Computing - CNET Blogs

by gregR
Start Firefox, and in the address bar, enter "about:config" without the quotes (see above). In the filter bar, enter "plugin", again without the quotes. Double-click on "plugin.expose_full_path." This should change the value from "false" to "true" and the status from "default" to "user set." Go back to the address bar, and enter "about:plugins" (no quotes). As shown below, the file name in the Shockwave Flash section has the name and the full path of the file Firefox is using for the Flash Player.

February 2008

Default browser - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

by gregR (via)
Force Firefox to make itself the default If Firefox already thinks that it is default, exit Firefox completely, go to "Start Menu -> Run" and enter this into the text box: firefox.exe -silent -setDefaultBrowser

Geckozone - Un dictionnaire français intégré par défaut dans Firefox, Thunderbird et Seamonkey

by gregR
Le dico français est intégré par défaut à partir de la version de firefox et thunderbird

December 2007

McCoy - MDC

by gregR
McCoy is an application that allows add-on authors to provide secure updates to their users. Applications periodically look for and install updates to their add-ons. It's important that the update information retrieved has not been tampered with since being written by the add-on author. Specifically, it focuses on the process of digitally signing update manifests so the applications can verify the integrity of a manifest retrieved over normally insecure channels.

October 2007

Plus de détails sur les régressions de Firefox | BeFox

by gregR
Les modules complémentaires sont désactivés après mise à jour — pour résoudre le problème, supprimer du dossier du profil les 3 fichiers suivants : extensions.rdf, extensions.ini et extensions.cache ;

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