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Video and Surveillance cameras and martial arts practitioners

by gingihan
Interesting article explores violence and street behavior change because of Video surveillance cameras and video capable cellular phones.

Should esoteric knowledge in martial arts be given away?

by gingihan
Interesting thoughts from one of the more obsecure martial arts organization

Shin Gan - the special vision

by gingihan
How one man could have saved the life of prime minister Rabin. Blogged in AKBAN martial arts website.

Krav Maga Israeli Martial Arts Special Training awesome

by lebowskiscorner
Krav Maga Israeli Martial Arts Special Training awesome martial arts video clip. Like Kung Fu, Karate and other fight disciplines.



by jasontromm
If all goes as expected at this Sunday’s Academy Awards, Brokeback Mountain will win in the “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” and perhaps even “Best Actor” categories. Even if it doesn’t do as well as expected, the film is already being hailed as a “breakout” event, a kind of cultural watershed of sorts—which it almost certainly is not.


Extremely Sharp Swords & Knives

by monstershp
If you are into sharp, shiny toys or know someone that is you have to check these guys out. ES Blades has great prices, an interesting collection and some cool how-to guides.

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