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by simon_bricolo & 1 other
how to create a friendly Web Conference

Solved: Gmail, iPad, iPhone, and multiple from addresses | Modern Nerd

by simon_bricolo
enabling multiple “from” addresses under a single Gmail account in Mail on the iPad and iPhone


8 Tips to Design a Charity Website |

by simon_bricolo
8 principles that you should follow when creating a charity website


Migration d'un blog dotclear vers wordpress (redirection des URL)

by Jeremy B.
Explication du htaccess pour rediriger les anciennes URL de dotclear vers celles de Wordpress.

12 survival tips for the next four years if your candidate loses - MarketWatch

by brianwaustin
A record 130 million voters are predicted to head to the polls Tuesday. The bad news: 65 million, roughly 50% of all voters, will be miffed, mad at, angry with, even hate the new president ... no matter who wins! Half against Obama, half against McCain. Either way, half of America will be angry, for at least four years.

Ne plus être spammé sur son site/blog

by Jeremy B.
Technique du champ input caché avec vérif PHP.

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