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White Papers and Presentations

by naudjf
The emergence of the World Wide Web has made it possible for individuals with appropriate computer and telecommunications equipment to interact as never before. An explosion of next-generation information systems are flooding the commercial market. This cyberspace convergence of data, computers, networks, and multimedia presents exciting challenges to interface designers. However, this "new technology frontier" has also created enormous roadblocks and barriers for people with disabilities. This panel will discuss specific issues, suggest potential solutions and solicit contributions required to design an accessible Web interface that includes people with disabilities.


How to protect your data forever: the three principles of backup

by tonnaje
Protecting your data is vital. This is especially true now, with more and more of our life being stored in electronic format. This article presents the three principles of backup.

How to backup your Wordpress blog using Subversion

by tonnaje
We all do backups of our Wordpress database... However, this article adds an interesting twist: using Subversion to store the SQL dump file.


Samsung introduces ''3-dimensional Movement Recognition'' mobile phone

by ycc2106
One of the user interface features is the daling by gesture: the user can "write" the number "three" in the air. The mobile phone can read this movement and then dial "3." Shaking the phone twice will conclude a call or delete spam messages. - First Face Recognition Security in Mobile Phone - mobile phone reviews, news, community

by ycc2106
The Face Recognition function helps ensure the security of their handsets by preventing misuse by third parties, and can also protect private information such as registered numbers, mail addresses and mails in the event that their handset is lost or stole

Pacific IT: Vancouver Sun features Podcasting

by pacificIT
Rant about the Vancouver Sun spread (March 11, 2006) regarding podcasting.

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