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This year : le réseau social

by valery (via)
Suivez-moi sur le réseau social pour avoir des nouvelles de mes futurs projets et de mes améliorations.


I will post your article or link to my .edu blog for $5.00

by balzizras
*I'm doing this via so you don't need to worry about getting scammed.* 1. Articles are a great way to promote your website, product etc. 2. .edu sites are considered by search engines to be authority sites. Which equals good S.E.O. 3. I'm picky, .edu blogs are very valuable properties so I won't clutter it up with poorly written spammy articles. So if you don't already have an original article you can of course get one written by someone at Not me though I'm a bad writer. =-) My GIG:


La réalité de l'utilisation du web en entreprise - real_util_web.pdf (Objet application/pdf)

by simon_bricolo
Une étude publiée par la société Olfeo sur les usages personnels du web en entreprise.


How to Find Statistics on Social Media |

by simon_bricolo
Différents moyens de trouver des statistics sur les réseaux sociaux, les social medias, etc.

A simple illustration of social design |

by simon_bricolo
Illustration sur l'évolution des sites vers le "social"


Remembering on the web - 5 reasons why social bookmarking doesn’t work

by greut

One common task while browsing the web is going sure you will be able to recall a valuable information you are just looking at. This article aims to prove that social bookmarking as in delicious, simpy, magnolia et al. is the wrong tool for that task.

One essay about the failures of actual social bookmarking systems.

Groups, Groupings, and Taming My Buddy List. And Twitter |

by simon_bricolo
la notion de "groupe" en social software et les différentes formes que peut prendre cette notion

9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network |

by simon_bricolo & 4 others
Article sur la création de son propsre réseau social à l'aide d'outil en white label et autre


Slovar les nouvelles

by slovar
Expressions libres sur la société et l'économie

Netvouz blog: Bookmark spam attack

by ycc2106
Today a user signed up and imported 9000 bookmarks. Normally I don't go crazy about that, but when I saw that all 9000 bookmarks all pointed to various locations on the same web site I took a closer look. And, yes, this was a bookmark spam attempt. Needle

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