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This year : le réseau social

by valery (via)
Suivez-moi sur le réseau social pour avoir des nouvelles de mes futurs projets et de mes améliorations.

by valery, 1 comment (via)
Le journal attend vos articles pour les publier gratuitement.

Magazine Imaginaire

by valery, 1 comment (via)
Le magazine de l'imaginaire vous présente des meilleurs textes pour vous faire rêver un peu en ces temps difficiles.


I will post your article or link to my .edu blog for $5.00

by balzizras
*I'm doing this via so you don't need to worry about getting scammed.* 1. Articles are a great way to promote your website, product etc. 2. .edu sites are considered by search engines to be authority sites. Which equals good S.E.O. 3. I'm picky, .edu blogs are very valuable properties so I won't clutter it up with poorly written spammy articles. So if you don't already have an original article you can of course get one written by someone at Not me though I'm a bad writer. =-) My GIG:

15 Minute SEO List |

by simon_bricolo & 6 others
checklist of the factors that affect your rankings with search engines


The SEO Guide to Information Architecture | AudetteMedia

by simon_bricolo
A comprehensive look at the fundamentals of information architecture for search engine optimization.


Migration d'un blog dotclear vers wordpress (redirection des URL)

by Jeremy B.
Explication du htaccess pour rediriger les anciennes URL de dotclear vers celles de Wordpress.

6 FREE Tools To Get The Best Keywords For Your Site |

by simon_bricolo
tools which can help you research different keywords specific to your site and optimize the site.


Le placement dans les moteurs de recherche |

by simon_bricolo
Articles sur le référencement d'un site sur un moteur de recherche. Bonne introduction pour les novices


Link Exchanges & PageRank

by ycc2106
To Avoid: Google and other engines penalize certain site techniques that are seen as trying to “cheat the system”. These include things like link farms, free-for-all link pages (like Bravenet), and even webrings. As a rule of thumb, if the links you a

Why Bloggers Don't Need SEO |

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Blogging, and blogs are all about human referals - I mean, the kind of traffic sent to you from other blogs, as a recommendation, which all links are, though there is such a thing as a negative recommendation of course.

8 Search Engine Optimization Techniques |

by simon_bricolo
8 Essential Things You REALLY Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization


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