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September 2007

Stupidly simple microformat syncing with Django’s generic views |

by simon_bricolo
a method for generating microformats—specifically vCard—using Django

hAudio-case-study |

by simon_bricolo
Discussion sur le développement du format hAudio

RDFa vs microformats |

by simon_bricolo & 5 others
Comparaison entre les microformats et le RDF

September 2006

XML Matters: Lighter than microformats: Picoformats

by ycc2106
Picoformats - lighter than microformats - leveraging JSON to generate microformats. (via Alex Barnett)

May 2006

Ray Ozzie: Wiring the Web

by ycc2106
I’d like to extend the clipboard user model to the web.

April 2006

®¤©: weblog: tag: semantic

by ycc2106
Average: 5.3/10. In general there are some areas in which microformats are entirely unneccesary, some in which they are entirely necessary, and some in between. Of course, these are mostly rough estimates on the potential accuracy of intelligent scraping.

What are Microformats?

by ycc2106
use XHTML to extend itself!

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