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Enterprise Reporting - Definition

by ycc2106
This is a brief guide to enterprise reporting. It is intended to help people who have to rapidly come to grips with concepts in enterprise reporting. Target roles include project managers, business analysts and system architects.


ITmedia Biz.ID:理想のファイル名の付け方

by plasticdreams


Ray Ozzie: Wiring the Web

by ycc2106
I’d like to extend the clipboard user model to the web.


by naxosa
the daily digest of arts, culture and ideas

Ideas: Calendars, to-do -Danny Ayers

by ycc2106
If it turns out I don’t like the new service, another click on the SignUp system will deliver my details to the remote service, and my account there suspended/terminated.

User:Dria/On Tagging -

by ycc2106 & 8 others
I was thinking about bookmarks the other night and about how much they suck and about how much I hate them.

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