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What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy? | Greenheart GamesGreenheart Games

by gregg
What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?



Life is colorful, Love it.

by rhonda
Life is colorful, Love it.

The Escapist - Attack of the Parasites

by bcpbcp
You get the same vibe off the most popular gaming sites in the English- speaking world, the casual game portals: EA's Pogo, Miniclip, Yahoo! Games, Microsoft's MSN Games, RealNetworks' GameHouse, Big Fish Games and many more. These lookalike sites are "portals" because they aggregate dozens or hundreds of casual games from many indie designers. Some big portals are mere front ends for faceless distributors like Oberon Media or Boonty. - Casual games -- good, clean, cheap fun online - Feb 28, 2006

by bcpbcp (via)
Casual games, those five-minute diversions you play for a quick break but somehow end up clicking away on for two hours, have become one of the fastest-growing categories of computer gaming.

Terra Games | Veja 10 RPGs online completamente gratuitos

by bcpbcp (via)
Nem todos jogos de RPG massivos online são pagos. Existem diversos games MMORPG, como são chamados, completamente gratuitos, necessitando somente que o jogador realize um cadastro no site para ter acesso ao mundo virtual. Fizemos uma seleção dos 10 melhores RPGs online gratuitos para você baixar e jogar.

IGN: The Impact of Violent Videogames

by bcpbcp
Violent media has existed as long as human history and the debate over how or when to control it is as hotly contested as ever. With the trend towards greater realism and graphic content that began in the 90's, videogames have found themselves the focal point du jour. But how much of an impact have these violent videogames had? We'll take a look at the psychological, political, and economic issues surrounding violent videogames and try to make sense of it all. No matter which side of the fence you sit on this argument, it is important to know the facts. | Os jogos antigos não eram mais divertidos: analisando a evolução dos games

by bcpbcp
Gostaria de apresentar neste artigo uma reflexão a respeito da qualidade e nível de diversão dos jogos atuais em relação aos jogos antigos. Esta reflexão partiu da observação de uma possível tendência, entre os gamers com quase 30 anos (como eu), de avaliar os jogos mais antigos de maneira desproporcionalmente favorável.

Gamasutra - Soapbox - "World of Warcraft Teaches the Wrong Things" - printer friendly

by bcpbcp
Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft has over 5 million subscribers worldwide, as of this writing. It's the most successful massively multiplayer game on Earth right now. This well-crafted game has put other games in its genre to shame. Blizzard is a great company, and I might even end up there some day, though this article probably rules out that possibility.

Freeloader Vol. 3: ABA Shooter Madness from

by bcpbcp
ABA Games is a little Japanese company that has dedicated itself to that strange, videogame induced Nirvana, and they've produced a half dozen games that'll help you get there. Stranger still, they don't want a penny for it. How enlightened.

Schtick 'Em Up: The Shooter Gets Weird from

by bcpbcp
Shooters are the foundation of the video game industry, dating back all the way to the 1960's with Steve Russell's classic Spacewar. Since that time, the genre has been responsible for bringing much depth to the world of interactive entertainment, popularizing vital concepts like the power-up and the end-of-level boss which are still used in many of today's greatest games.

Febre do <i>Pump it Up</i> enche os shoppings de jovens

by bcpbcp
O jogo consiste em seguir a sequência de passos que a máquina dita. Pode-se jogar em dupla, na modalidade stepper, ou sozinho, o que se chama de free style. "O stepper exige mais fôlego e resistência, já no free style é preciso saber dançar e coordenar os movimentos", explica Rafael. No começo pode ser esquisito ver um monte de marmanjo sapateando, mas aos poucos a gente se acostuma e começa a admirar o gingado dos rapazes.

Gamasutra - Feature - "Anticipatory AI and Compelling Characters"

by bcpbcp
Much of the work in game AI has focused on the ‘big' problems: path planning, squad planning, goal-directed behavior, etc. The result is characters that are capable of increasingly intelligent behavior. However, acting intelligently and acting aware and sentient is not the same thing. But if we are to create the kind of compelling and emotional characters upon which the next generation of computer games will be based, we must solve the latter problem, namely how to build characters that seem aware and sentient.

A PyGame Working Example: Starting a Game

by bcpbcp
In PyGame for Game Development, I showed you the very basics of PyGame's graphical side. However, creating a game with PyGame requires a bit more. All the concepts described before need to be glued together somehow, and new concepts will need to be introduced in order to create a functional game. In this article, we'll do just that by tackling a working example of PyGame's capabilities—a Python-powered game.

[print version] Games that stick it to 'The Man' | CNET

by bcpbcp
Known as "anti-advergames," the new titles satirize big companies and question corporate polices ranging from how cattle are raised to low pay for workers.

TenSpot: Top Ten Rhythm Games

by bcpbcp (via)
Though rhythm games arguably had their heyday 5 to 10 years ago, recent releases have shown us that the genre has still got it, and it continues to improve every step of the way. We now take a look back at the top 10 rhythm games of all time, leaving no platform unturned and letting no region-encoding stand in our way. As with every TenSpot, the games listed aren't in any particular order, so don't go reading between the lines, thinking we've ranked them. All of these games stand as equals in their collective greatness.

The New Gamer | Averaging Gradius

by bcpbcp
After I created a demo video as a proof-of-concept (which consisted of me playing a short section of the game several times) I invited people to send me gameplay recordings. I ended up with 15 different submissions, including my own.

Next Generation - Analysis: History of Cell-Phone Gaming

by bcpbcp
Mobile gaming is changing from its early days of rip-offs of classic, low-tech 2D games and ugly 3D games that are too ambitious for the platform. As a gaming platform it's gaining momentum in a big way.

The Essential 50 Part 44: Parappa the Rapper from

by bcpbcp
Graphics and images have been an integral part of every game ever made -- it's a visual medium, after all. What you see is what you get. Even the most primitive games that couldn't draw proper images onscreen at least gave you ASCII art or text. And so it went, throughout gaming history, until Parappa the Rapper finally brought a new sense into play: in NanaOn-Sha's PSone masterpiece, you had to rely on your ears as much as your eyes.

Music video game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by bcpbcp
A music video game, also commonly known as a music game, rhythm action game, or rhythm game, is a type of video game where the gameplay is oriented almost entirely around the player's ability to follow a musical beat and stay with the rhythm of the game's soundtrack. Since the game play for this type of game is largely aural rather than visual, this type of game is similar to audio games. However, music games generally require a visual component as well.

Vib-Ribbon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by bcpbcp
Vib-Ribbon is a rhythm video game in the style of PaRappa the Rapper and more recently Amplitude. The game was unique in its execution, the software loaded into RAM enabling the user to remove the game-disc and insert a music CD.

Ergonomia e usabilidade em advergames — CS:Games

by bcpbcp
"A Ergonomia, no sistema homem-máquina de computadores, ocorre quando a interface gráfica é apresentada ao seu usuário em uma linguagem que este já esteja adaptado. Com os Advergames o processo é semelhante, antigos comandos de Arcade são utilizados em novos games, mantendo em seu processo de interação a simplicidade que sempre garantiu a usabilidade."


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