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Gov 2.0: It’s All About The Platform

by ycc2106
But as with Web 2.0, the real secret of success in Government 2.0 is thinking about government as a platform. If there’s one thing we learn from the technology industry, it’s that every big winner has been a platform company: someone whose success has enabled others, who’ve built on their work and multiplied its impact. Microsoft put “a PC on every desk and in every home,” the internet connected those PCs, Google enabled a generation of ad-supported startups, Apple turned the phone market upside down by letting developers loose to invent applications no phone company would ever have thought of. In each case, the platform provider raised the bar, and created opportunities for others to exploit. Annotated link


2005 Print Page: TIME Magazine -- The Road Ahead

by kgl & 1 other
Time Magazine assembled some of the smartest people we know to identify the trends that are most likely to affect our future.

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