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Netvouz blog: Bookmark spam attack

by ycc2106
Today a user signed up and imported 9000 bookmarks. Normally I don't go crazy about that, but when I saw that all 9000 bookmarks all pointed to various locations on the same web site I took a closer look. And, yes, this was a bookmark spam attempt. Needle

Why Social Bookmark?

by ycc2106
I have tried MANY MANY social bookmarks and people have been asking me questions. Most of you already know this, so this is for the very beginners:A simple overview of the basics.

What is Wikio? Definitely web 2.0 but what?

by ycc2106
I've heard the words 'social bookmark', 'digg', 'technorati' mentioned in articles about Wikio but I find it quite different:

Feemarker is now open source! โ— โ— โ—

by ycc2106
Feedmarker, the social RSS/ATOM aggregator with bookmarks, has updated and is now open source!

Flock: What's so powerful about not local bookmarking?

by ycc2106
What do they find so powerful or brilliant about removing a feature? Isn't it the same as using Firefox without the local bookmarks?

User:Dria/On Tagging -

by ycc2106 & 8 others
I was thinking about bookmarks the other night and about how much they suck and about how much I hate them.


I want to

by gweb & 73 others
a page of utilities that help you do stuff you want to

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