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How do I manually track clicks on outbound links? |

by simon_bricolo
Google Analytics provides an easy way to track clicks on links that lead away from your site. Because these links do not lead to a page on your site containing the UTM JavaScript, you will need to tag the link itself. This piece of JavaScript assigns a pageview to any click on a link - the pageview is attributed to the filename you specify.


6 FREE Tools To Get The Best Keywords For Your Site |

by simon_bricolo
tools which can help you research different keywords specific to your site and optimize the site.

Web Analytics Demystified |

by simon_bricolo
Article sur la manière d'interpréter les statistiques de consultation de son site web

No Google Analytics API? No Problem! |

by simon_bricolo
Comment utiliser des données de Google analytics sur son site

Comment mesurer le succès de vos services web ? |

by simon_bricolo
Quelques conseils pour détecter/améliorer la fréquentation d'un site web


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