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March 2016

Virtual Light: Exploring In-Game Photography And Photo History | Kill Screen

by sbrothier
If you are anything like me, you had friends who linked Rainer’s “The Art of in-game Photography.” If you are anything like me, you saw many of your friends duke it out on Facebook and Twitter over whether or not this was a legitimate art — whether it was even photography.

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December 2015

November 2015

Petit personnage modelé en plâtre

by Candice
Petit personnage modelé en plâtre lors d'un atelier artistique à l'hôpital

October 2015

Set in the Street

by gregg
An ongoing art project by Justin Bettman, Set in the Street consists of elaborate interior spaces made from unwanted or discarded materials and furniture. After shooting photos in the spaces, the sets are left up on the street, where passersby can shoot their own photos and share using the Instagram hashtag #SetintheStreet. The final photographs Justin shoots explore the complex ideas of perspective and perception through revealing the larger picture that we often overlook.