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25 May 2014

23 May 2014

22 May 2014

The Collection Online | The Metropolitan Museum of Art | NYC

by 4004 & 1 other (via)

19 May 2014

14 May 2014

13 May 2014

12 May 2014

Exposition : Le pavé de la culture

by jaspert
...on fait appel à des théoriciens pour justifier le néant caractéristique des centres d'art contemporain.

05 May 2014

29 April 2014

National Gallery of Art | NGA Images

by p.fassier & 1 other
35 000 tableaux de grands maîtres en téléchargement gratuit

28 April 2014

Norman Rockwell Ma Collection

by p.fassier
Collection privée en français accumulée par Sergio autour des œuvres de Norman Rockwell

26 April 2014

SERiES 13 / Pavé de Paris et art contemporain

by jaspert
Pavé de Paris et art contemporain par Stephane Jaspert Mandelbrot, De Gaulle, Klimt, Pissaro, l'homme de Vitruve, Jimi Hendrix, Houdini, Max Ernst, Olympieion, Facebook like, Arman, Caspar David Friedrich, Ben, Van Gogh, Cesar, Sitting Bull, QR code.

25 April 2014

Lost Warhol originals extracted from decaying Amiga floppies - Boing Boing

by sbrothier
Warhol created the works with Graphicraft, and the disks needed a lot of love and coaxing to get the files off them (to my mind, the story of the technical heroics is a lot more interesting than the pictures, but I'm not much of a Warhol fan).

24 April 2014

23 April 2014

20 April 2014

WONDEREUR: The best artists to watch.

by gregg
Every other week, discover an artist's work and dive into the inspiration, process and stories behind the art

Selfless Portraits

by gregg
Selfless Portraits is a collaborative art project bridging the gap between technology and humanity by encouraging small, creative gestures between strangers across the globe.

12 April 2014

10 April 2014

09 April 2014

Unnumbered Sparks

by sbrothier
An interactive community artwork by Janet Echelman & Aaron Koblin

08 April 2014

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