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February 2006

BBC - Culture Show - Design Quest

by bcpbcp
Verdana typeface has been selected by the Design Museum and BBC Two's The Culture Show to appear in a shortlist of 25 items for the Great British Design Quest, a nationwide vote to find the public's favourite example of design in Britain since 1900.

January 2006

Slashdot | Quake2 Ported to Java, Play Via the Web

by bcpbcp
German software developer ByTonic software, you can now play Quake2 via the web with Jake2 a java port of ID Softwares seminal Quake2.


by jasonbentley & 1 other
We are a diverse group of type designers, developers, foundries, and aficionados who are working together to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property.

November 2005


by bcpbcp & 3 others
Permite o desenho distribuído a partir de um tema. Cada pessoa pode desenhar apenas um pedaço.

October 2005

The Bubble Project - Ji Lee

by bcpbcp (via)
" I printed 15,000 of these bubble stickers and place them on top of ads all over New York City. Passersby fill them in. I go back and photograph the results."

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