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National Gallery of Art | NGA Images

by p.fassier & 1 other
35 000 tableaux de grands maîtres en téléchargement gratuit

Norman Rockwell Ma Collection

by p.fassier
Collection privée en français accumulée par Sergio autour des œuvres de Norman Rockwell


Sketch Toy: Draw sketches with animating lines and share replays with friends!

by p.fassier
Sketch Toy : dessiner des esquisses avec des lignes animer et partager les replays avec des amis!


by p.fassier & 1 other
Une peinture en zooming constant (clic souris)


Yuichi Yokoyama

by ainos
Azito-art (galerie en ligne japonaise)


by p.fassier & 14 others
Albums photos de Ari Versluis et Ellie Uyttenbroek pour Le monde Magazine sur les uniformes de la diversité. Costumes, identités, diversité, mimétisme, tendances, pluralité...


Bea Berlin - Literarische stühle

by axel
Chaises littéraires à Berlin

Land Art école Villeurbanne

by Bea
Land Art école maternelle Renan B Villeurbanne

New HeArt CitY Gallery

by fkdl
La galerie New HeArt CitY a élu domicile rue de Picardie au cœur du Haut-Marais Parisien. Ce lieu, ouvert par Nadège Buffe, propose des thèmes d'exposition dédiés aux artistes émergents qui partagent une inspiration urbaine forte.



John Fekner

by HK
In the 70s, John Fekner was ‘anonymously known’ for over three hundred environmental/conceptual works consisting of dates, words, and symbols spray painted throughout the five boroughs of New York. The “Warning Signs” project focused on pointing out hazardous conditions that dominated New York City and its environs in the 1970s. In the spring of 1977, Fekner created word-signs using hand cut cardboard stencils and spray paint. He began a relentless crusade concerned with social and environmental issues. Starting in the industrial streets of Queens and the East River bridges, and later on to the South Bronx in 1980, his messages were seen in areas that were desperately in need of construction, demolition or reconstruction. By labeling structures and emphasizing problems, the objective was to call attention to the accumulated squalor by urging city officials, agencies and local communities to be more responsible and take action.

Digital Art Concept

by p.fassier
Le site officiel de Arnaud Reichert - studio de création graphique

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