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by superboysahil
My 3d art gallery. Plz tell how to improve it.

David Yonge

by junktrunk & 3 others
extreme performance artist and filmmaker

David Yonge

by jumpstart & 3 others
portfolio of artist and filmmaker David Yonge. Known for his brutal films and extreme performance art. 3D movies and guys wrestling cameros.


Stone Lion 3D Lighting Tutorial

by shadownessguy
How to create Great Lighting that adds to your 3D Model. Easy and simple to follow in very few steps!

Welcome to Ballistic Publishing

by -Nicolas- & 1 other
Be inspired by the world’s best digital art and learn how it is done! Ballistic Publishing is an award-winning publisher of high quality digital art. Our books will inspire and educate you. - FREE 3DS MAX MODELS 3D CARS TUTORIALS 3D GIRLS CG MOVIES BLUEPRINTS DOWNLOADS

by neuromancien & 1 other
Un site sur la 3d avec notamment des possibilités de téléchargement