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28 April 2022

VBA ArrayList - A Complete Guide - Excel Macro Mastery

by cascamorto
Contents : 1 Quick Guide to the VBA ArrayList 2 Description 3 Download the Source Code 4 Declare and Create the VBA ArrayList 4.1 Late Binding 4.2 Early Binding 4.3 VBA ArrayList Automation Error 5 Adding Items to the VBA ArrayList 6 Reading through an ArrayList 7 Sorting 8 Cloning the VBA ArrayList 9 Copying from an VBA ArrayList to an Array 10 Writing Directly to a Range 11 Array to a VBA ArrayList(1D) 12 Remove All Items from the ArrayList 13 What’s Next?

20 April 2022

[vba] -- return an ArrayList from a function

by cascamorto
Hello Paul Is there a way to return an ArrayList from a function, like a bellow? This is the code I have implemented Public Function ReturnArrayList() As ArrayList // or return type As Variant Dim alist As ArrayList Set alist = New ArrayList // Early Binding alist.Add “a” alist.Add “b” alist.Add “c” alist.Add “240” ReturnArrayList = alist End Sub Sub GetArrayList() Dim alist As ArrayList alist = ReturnArrayList() MsgBox alist(0) End Sub Thank you, Nishan Reply Paul Kelly Paul Kelly on December 24, 2019 at 7:56 am Hi Nishan, You need to use Set when returning an object.

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