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12 May 2005

Electroland - Urban Spectacle

by Sheino & 1 other
Multi-disciplinary urban projects and scenarios.

06 May 2005

05 May 2005

04 May 2005

03 May 2005

02 May 2005

29 April 2005

25 April 2005

24 April 2005

23 April 2005

22 April 2005

21 April 2005

categorized ways and thoughts from AkoZ°om

by AkoZ°om
When you need to give a new era to our human world, come there to find new thoughts and ways with technologies and arts to make our future be welcome for also us, but to our everywhere children... first based in french but translated easily directly. AkoZ°om is a generated artist-architect trying to make his globo-society projects realized.

20 April 2005

37signals: Contingency Design White Paper

by mbertier & 3 others (via)
Contingency design is design for when things go wrong. It's the error messaging, graphic design, instructive text, information architecture, backend system, and customer service that helps visitors get back on track after a problem occurs.