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Essential Windows Phone 7.5: Application Development with Silverlight Book Review

by tadanderson
If you are considering Windows 7.5 development, you owe it to yourself to get this book, digest it, and then keep it by your side.

101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume I: Developing Apps 1-50 Book Review

by tadanderson
If you are interested in Windows Phone development at all, this book is a must have!!!! It will definitely become a classic. This is one of the best programming books I own, and I own a lot of them.

Software Modeling and Design: UML, Use Cases, Patterns, and Software Architectures Book Review

by tadanderson
All in all this is a very high quality book packed with very valuable information any architect at an level of experience will benefit from. Hi highly recommend this book!!!!



Will the Microsoft VSTS 2010 Architecture UML tools be used by the Development Community?

by tadanderson
As happy as I am to see them going with UML, I am hoping the grapevine is wrong, and that the tools are not exclusively for the VSTS 2010 Architecture versions. I am afraid if that is the case, they won't be getting used very much at all. At least not in the environments I have been in lately. .....

Traditional Development/Integration/Staging/Production Practice for Software Development | Disruptive Library Technology Jester

by holyver (via)
Recently, I was asked to outline a plan for a structured process for software development that maximizes productivity and reduces bugs that reach the user. This was originally an internal OhioLINK document, but the process described is pretty traditional and others might find a use for this as well. You are welcome to use this; please honor the Creative Commons licensing terms and contact me in advance if you need something different.


Template architecture for software rapid development - part 1

by hai79
The introduction of how to create and maintain the reusable artifacts in software industry by using template architecture. That helps software company can reduce the development effort and time, increase the product quality by proven solution for product line.


Ethical Software by Alex Bunardzic » Replacing Service Oriented Architecture with Resource Oriented Architecture

by benoit
The problem in today’s mainstream web development is that most developers have been forced to make a quick switch from the mainframe or the desktop or the client/server environments to the web environment. - Asim Hanif about EA, SOA, development and e-gov

by asimblogged
Asim Hanif is an IT-Architect and blogs about Enterprise Architecture, SErviceoriented Architecture, systemdevelopment and e-goverment.


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