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OOP Javascript & JS Architecture

by holyver
Nowdays: Single page app is the thing! Gmail Twitter (remember the # in the location bar?) Grooveshark (online cloud music player/storage)

Drupal 7 SEO made easy - Content Analysis & Optimizer modules

by holyver (via)
The two modules work together to help assure your site content is optimized for search engines. The magic formula for ranking well in the search engines is: Great Architecture + Great Backlinks and Buzz + Great Content = Great Rankings


Puppet versus Chef: 10 reasons why Puppet wins | Bitfield Consulting

by holyver
Puppet, Chef, cfengine, and Bcfg2 are all players in the configuration management space. If you’re looking for Linux automation solutions, or server configuration management tools, the two technologies you’re most likely to come across are Puppet and Opscode Chef. They are broadly similar in architecture and solve the same kinds of problems. Puppet, from Reductive Labs, has been around longer, and has a large user base. Chef, from Opscode, has learned some of the lessons from Puppet’s development, and has a high-profile client: EngineYard.

Evernote Architecture - 9 Million Users and 150 Million Requests a Day

by holyver
The folks at Evernote were kind enough to write up an overview of their architecture in a post titled Architectural Digest. Dave Engberg describes their approach to networking, sharding, user storage, search, and some other custom services.


Why does Quora use MySQL rather than NoSQLs?

by nhoizey
"The primary online data store for an application is the worst place to take a risk with new technology. If you lose your database or there's corruption, it's a disaster that could be impossible to recover from."

Grails en quelques mots (Le Touilleur Express)

by nhoizey
« nous, développeurs Javas, devons nous remettre en question d’urgence. En voyant des projets sur PHP ou Ruby on Rails, j’ai un peu la gueule de bois avec mon Java. Je pense que pour le développement d’applications Webs, il faut revoir notre manière de penser, notre manière de travailler »


Getting to know the Atom Publishing Protocol, Part 1: Create and edit Web resources with the Atom Publishing Protocol

by holyver & 1 other (via)
The Atom Publishing Protocol is an important new standard for content publishing and management. In this article, explore a high-level overview of the protocol and its basic operation and capabilities.

SOA is Dead

by nhoizey
SOA was supposed to reduce costs and increase agility on a massive scale. Except in rare situations, SOA has failed to deliver its promised benefits. After investing millions, IT systems are no better than before.



Database parallelism choices greatly impact scalability - The Database Column

by nhoizey & 1 other
Large databases require the use of parallel computing resources to get good performance. There are several fundamentally different parallel architectures in use today

High Scalability | Building bigger, faster, more reliable websites.

by nhoizey & 5 others
High Scalability was started to help build successful scalable websites. It tries to bring together all the lore, art, science, practice, and experience of building scalable websites into one place so you can learn how to build your system with confidence

Nati Shalom's Blog: Why most large-scale Web sites are not written in Java

by nhoizey
The application stack of these Web applications is very different from the stack that mission-critical applications in the financial world are built with.

REST vs. WS-*: War is Over (If You Want It) :: David Chappell :: Blog

by nhoizey & 1 other
REST is for data-oriented applications that focus on create/read/update/delete scenarios. Solution based on WS-* for service/method-oriented applications, especially those that need more advanced behaviors such as transactions and more-than-basic security

Amazon Web Services: Monster Muck Mashup - Mass Video Conversion Using AWS

by nhoizey & 1 other
L'auteur utilise Amazon S3 pour le stockage, Amazon EC2 pour convertir les vidéos, et Amazon SQS pour les échanges de messages durant le process, un must !

SOA et Web Services : Questions / RÈponses

by nhoizey & 1 other
Des tonnes d'infos intéressantes sur SOA et les Web Services, par Pierre "Orchestra Networks" Bonnet

Skyscrapr Archipedia: Technology Architecture in Plain English

by nhoizey
The goal of the Archipedia -- along with its associated Skyscrapr Glossary -- is to describe the fields of solutions, infrastructure, enterprise, and industry architecture in highly-understandable language.


Five common PHP design patterns

by nhoizey & 6 others (via)
Design patterns are just for Java™ architects -- at least that's what you may have been led to believe. In fact, design patterns are useful for everyone. If these tools aren't exclusive to architecture astronauts, what are they, and why are they useful in PHP applications? This article explains.


Décision Informatique : Clever Age met en place Ajax chez Richelieu Finance - Revue des média - Clever Age

by nhoizey (via)
Nous avons refondu notre site web public pour offrir à nos conseillers en gestion de patrimoine une interface de suivi de leur activité : clients, en-cours, portefeuilles, etc. Le volume d’information à restituer était très important, car le carnet d’adresses d’un gestionnaire peut facilement dépasser la centaine de clients. Notre prestataire Clever Age s’est donc appuyé sur une architecture Ajax

DNG vous offre gratuitement l'ouvrage "Conception orientée aspects" par Thomas Gil :: :: Architecture .NET (DotNet)

by nhoizey (via)
Après plus d'un an de commercialisation (en ligne) de l'ouvrage "Conception orientée aspects", Thomas Gil vous propose gratuitement de télécharger le fichier au format PDF.

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