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June 2012

ミライニホン | MIRAI NIHON Project

by sbrothier
We designed a house called "MIRAI NIHON" where technology and nature coexist with people and enable a 100% off-grid life. To make this happen, we collaborated with more than 20 companies to provide new technologies and inventions that bring the concept to life, and that have not yet been commercialized. Then we 'launched' the house as a product, making it available for sale.

» Extension d’une maison par « BYTR architects », aux Pays-Bas Maisons en bois

by sbrothier
L’extérieur est réalisé en pin carbonisé d’après la technologie japonaise Shou Sugi Ban. Cette procédé permet d’obtenir une couche carbonée qui protège le bois  contre les champignons et les microbes.

studio 804: the prescott passive house

by sbrothier
the prescott passive house by studio 804 is the product of eight months of research, experimentation, design, and construction by the architecture studio’s sixteen graduate students at the university of kansas.  located in kansas city, kansas, the single-family home is designed to both LEED platinum and passive house standards.

Prescott Passive House by Studio 804

by sbrothier
The Prescott Passivhaus is a single-family, low-energy residence located in Kansas City, Kansas. This unique house is designed for the affordable-housing market as a spec house that will sell to qualified buyers, those with an annual income of no more than eighty percent of the target Area Median Income (AMI). Designed to exceed both Passivhaus and LEED Platinum standards, the residence uses minimal energy through affordable passive means. The home is located in the Prescott neighborhood which, despite being just minutes from downtown Kansas City, remains a neighborhood in transition not unlike the rest of the derelict urban core that typifies the city.

Traditional Shou-sugi-ban Burning Method « Pursuing Wabi

by sbrothier
A quick way to burn sugi siding for a house in Okayama Prefecture, where shou-sugi-ban (焼杉板) is still quite common.  The method used is different from the method that was used to burn the cedar for our house.  Take tree planks and tie into a triangle. Place on top of the fire for one minute, turn over and burn for another minute. Remove from fire, extinguish flames with water, untie the planks, and water it down. It’ll be much clearer if you watch the video. From the TV show Dramatic Before After (大改造!!劇的ビフォーアフター).

Shou-sugi-ban « Pursuing Wabi

by sbrothier
“Experiment” is not something you want to hear when building your house. I’m not sure what I thought when the architect told me he would like to “experiment” with the exterior siding material. But what he proposed was compelling enough to give it a shot.

Studio 804

by sbrothier
This year’s project marks the sixth residence built in Kansas City, KS by Studio 804 and has posed some interesting challenges. In light of the country’s current economic situation, affordability has become a crucial issue in American housing, and thus something we are taking very seriously. In pursuing sustainability, cost is often a prohibiting factor, pushing us towards a focus on passive design strategies. In addition to pursuing LEED Platinum Certification, Studio 804 aims to achieve Passive House Certification this year as well. A system that began in Germany, Passive House seeks to reduce building energy consumption for heating and cooling by 90%. The heating load is drastically reduced by means of a super-insulated, virtually airtight building shell, broad Southern exposure and an energy recovery ventilator that provides constant fresh air and even distribution of heat.

Exterior wood siding created by a Japanese burning technique is now alighting in the Western world

by sbrothier
High design and Far East tradition intersect with the dark, dramatic Japanese siding produced by a process called shou-sugi-ban.

Summer House in Southern Burgenland | Leibal Blog

by sbrothier
Summer House in Southern Burgenland by Judith Benzer Architektur

House in Setagaya-ku | Leibal Blog

by sbrothier
In relation to other Japanese homes, this particular residence is slightly off in the way it was designed; however, in a good way. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I think the minimalism seen in this house is just more free and unconstrained. There are more colors and material choices being used, the second floor has a balcony, and there is less focus on extreme space efficiency. Vote or comment below for your thoughts.

May 2012

Prison Map

by sbrothier & 1 other
What does the geography of incarceration in the United States look like ?


by sbrothier
KITOKI, le spécialiste de la décoration et de l'agencement intérieur japonais en France. La qualité et l'authenticité de nos produits sont notre credo.

An inclined roof, an all-white exterior and glassless windows give this modern, privacy-conscious home a distinct character

by sbrothier
Located in a quiet residential suburb of Okazaki, Japan, the appropriately named "White Mountain House" was designed to give its inhabitants a view of Mount Hongu and privacy from neighboring families. "My clients live in a suburb with a lot of detached houses; they are surrounded by neighbors in the side and in the back. I wanted to create various 'exteriors' within the house without having my clients leave their home," says architect Takayuki Kuzushima.

Giornale Nuovo: Basoli’s Alphabet

by sbrothier
In Bologna, in 1839, the decorative artist Antonio Basoli published his Alfabeto Pittorico, ossia raccolta di pensieri pittorici composti di oggetti comincianti dalle singole lettere alfabetiche (‘Pictorial Alphabet, or, a collection of pictorial thoughts composed of objects beginning with the individual letters of the alphabet’). This was an album of twenty-five elaborate lithographs, each one featuring an alphabetical character cast in some fantastic architectural form, in a setting contrived to illustrate any number of figures and objects for which there were Italian words beginning with that same letter.

Climbing garden walls or sprouting from cans and crates, succulent plants add a creative touch to ordinary landscapes

by sbrothier
While walking through my local garden center the other day, I was struck by the beauty of succulents. The colors and textures of the plants are so diverse and stunning that it's easy to see why many people have embraced their use indoors in terrariums. If you've already tried your hand at indoor succulent gardening, now's the time to take your skills outdoors.

Get a jump start on summer plantings even if spring chills linger with a greenhouse or cold frames in your backyard

by sbrothier
A few months ago I was contacted about appearing on a TV competition show. I had to fill out an application, make a video and tell them what I would do with the money if I won. I said I wanted to build a greenhouse. I never heard back from them, so I'm thinking they thought a greenhouse wasn't the right thing to spend thousands of dollars on (or perhaps they didn't like the way I smile or hot glue stuff).

April 2012

Product Connect

by sbrothier
Fill your presentations with real products Product Connect compatible products help you create SketchUp presentations that quickly and easily sell your design vision to clients and co-workers. The Product Connect collection on the Google 3D Warehouse includes thousands of Product Connect enabled product models. Browse through doezens of catalogs from brands like KraftMaid and Formica.

March 2012

3D ARchitecture App - Google SketchUp on iPhone & iPad

by sbrothier
Make your Google SketchUp models mobile on the iPhone and iPad With the App for architects and building professionals. Now available on the App Store here! FREE to download with sample model included.

December 2011

Cabin Porn

by sbrothier & 1 other
Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere. Edited by Jace Cooke and Zach Klein. Contributions by Brian Jacobs and Grace Kapin.

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