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Richard Heap

by sbrothier
A few typographical gems that can be found in Guatemala City's Zone 1 - the capital's downtown centre. It's glory days may have passed, but these are still looking great. 


Giornale Nuovo: Basoli’s Alphabet

by sbrothier
In Bologna, in 1839, the decorative artist Antonio Basoli published his Alfabeto Pittorico, ossia raccolta di pensieri pittorici composti di oggetti comincianti dalle singole lettere alfabetiche (‘Pictorial Alphabet, or, a collection of pictorial thoughts composed of objects beginning with the individual letters of the alphabet’). This was an album of twenty-five elaborate lithographs, each one featuring an alphabetical character cast in some fantastic architectural form, in a setting contrived to illustrate any number of figures and objects for which there were Italian words beginning with that same letter.


Typography of the San Francisco MoMA : un album sur Flickr

by sbrothier
The SFMoMA is all about creating a space for modern art to live. But there's also a meta-layer to the art experience that comes from the aesthetic and conceptual life of the space itself – the colors, the architecture, the little design touches. These elements contribute to our experience of the art inside, but often operate below our cognitive awareness. I decided to bring one of those meta-elements to the forefront of attention – the typography used inside the museum, on anything from exhibition signage to elevator buttons to restroom signs.


The Style Press

by sbrothier
Predominant daily news on fashion, art, design and pop culture


Flickr: Photos from labworks

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
the sets frome the typography Kicks Ass project ! Kicks Ass Bootie ! ARRRRRR !

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