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July 2005

Highline Entry

by sbrothier
The High Line is a 1.5-mile historic, defunct, elevated rail structure on Manhattan’s west side. This site showcases the plans for the eventual restoration of the entire structure and presents the preliminary designs for the construction of the first section. In what’s quickly becoming an over-developed area, the High Line will offer a rambling oasis for New Yorkers.

February 2005

Project Rebirth

by sbrothier
Chronicling the rebirth of ground zero in New York City - Timeline...

January 2005

Animated Manhattan

by sbrothier
Manhattan Timeformation is a computer model wich simultaneously presents a layered, cartographic history of the lower half of Manhattan Island, and an exploded timeline chronicling the real estate development of high-rise office buildings wich constitute the skylines of midtown and downtoawn Manhattan.

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