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January 2013

See the big picture of how suburban developments are changing the country's landscape, with aerial photos and an architect's commentary

by sbrothier
Even before Google allowed anybody with an Internet connection to see a satellite view of anyplace on the globe, I loved looking at books with aerial photography. A few favorites that focus on natural and human-made landscapes of the United States are Alex S. MacLean's Designs on the Land: Exploring American from the Air, Dolores Hayden's and photographer Jim Wark's A Field Guide to Sprawl and Alan Berger's Drosscape: Wasting Land in Urban America.

May 2012

Prison Map

by sbrothier & 1 other
What does the geography of incarceration in the United States look like ?

April 2012

Product Connect

by sbrothier
Fill your presentations with real products Product Connect compatible products help you create SketchUp presentations that quickly and easily sell your design vision to clients and co-workers. The Product Connect collection on the Google 3D Warehouse includes thousands of Product Connect enabled product models. Browse through doezens of catalogs from brands like KraftMaid and Formica.

March 2012

3D ARchitecture App - Google SketchUp on iPhone & iPad

by sbrothier
Make your Google SketchUp models mobile on the iPhone and iPad With the App for architects and building professionals. Now available on the App Store here! FREE to download with sample model included.

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