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A Magical Tree House Lights Up for Christmas

by sbrothier
“When I was 14 years old, I wrote myself a letter, which I still have,” says Jeri Wakefield. “It reads, ‘No matter what happens in my life, I pledge to be the best grandmother I can be, so when I have grandkids they will have happy memories of their grandmother and their childhood.’”

a f a s i a: 120 Anna & Eugeni Bach, arquitectes

by sbrothier (via)
Cuando una pareja de arquitectos tiene hijos pequeños, siempre llega el día en que éstos preguntan: -    Papá, mamá,... ¿Vosotros sois arquitectos, verdad? -    Sí... -    ¿Y hacéis casas a la gente? -    Si, claro... Y entonces viene la pregunta trampa: -¿Y por qué no nos hacéis una casita a nosotros?



ar awards

by sbrothier
Concrete technology takes another small and surprising leap, even by exacting Japanese standards, in this delicately perforated pod-for-all-occasions designed by Kazuya Morita. The secret of this remarkable little structure lies in its material and construction. The concrete is fibre-reinforced, a combination of white cement, lightweight aggregate and glass fibre. This mixture was meticulously hand trowelled onto a carved styrofoam mould by skilled plasterers (the traditional Japanese plasterer's art is known as sakan). The perforations were created by attaching styrofoam rings to the dome-shaped master mould. When the concrete hardened, the mould was dismantled and removed.



by sbrothier & 33 others
L'objectif de cette encyclopédie est de recenser, définir et expliquer les techniques alternatives de vie. Ceci, avec pour but premier de nous permettre de vivre d'une manière plus autonome.

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