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Mon maçon était illustrateur.

by sbrothier & 1 other
MON MAÇON ÉTAIT ILLUSTRATEUR. Et il a gardé de bonnes habitudes.

January 2015

Urban Remains Chicago | reclaimed and recycled american antique architectural artifacts and other oddities

by sbrothier
our vast website collection contains over 20,000 meticulously documented and photographed recovered and/or found artifacts found throughout the united states. new acquisitions are added daily to their respective categories found on the homepage. urban remains does not deal in new or reproduction building artifacts.

December 2014

Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, And Do What You Love! This Makes It All Possible! | The Mind Unleashed

by sbrothier
Lifestyles and needs are changing, and consequently, our houses are shrinking. The tiny house movement has blown up in the past few years, shifting the traditional North American housing models towards a more practical, finance-friendly blueprint. The movement is garnering attention from people fed up with the current consumerist/utility-based lifestyle which has placed millions of people in debt. Now, the idea of living your dream is no longer a cliché.

November 2014

ALL I OWN HOUSE - PKMN architectures

by sbrothier (via)
The relationships we establish with the objects we own happen on a very special manner at the interior of our houses, we assume spaces we inhabit by surrounding ourselves with our belongings, thus the way in which we accumulate and display our stuff through the space ends up reflecting our personality.

July 2014

Seelenkiste - allergutendinge

by sbrothier
„...You must recover your awareness of the physical world. Architecture may be a tool to emphasize our senses and sharpen our consciousness of reality, which tends to be erased by speed and over-information.“

A Strange Peanut-Shaped Building Designed by Algorithms | Design | WIRED

by sbrothier
The Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, looks like a peanut crossed with a honeycomb. This odd, organic-looking building would’ve never been made if not for the powers of computational design and robotic manufacturing.

June 2014

The New Pathe Foundation Headquarters by Renzo Piano Squeezed Into a City Block in Paris | Colossal

by sbrothier
For the last 8 years the Pathe Foundation in Paris has worked with Pritzker-winning architect Renzo Piano to design and construct their new headquarters. Slated for a grand opening this September, photos have emerged that reveal, in the architect’s own words, “an unexpected presence”: a curved bulbous structure that looks like it’s been squeezed into an opening within a historic Parisian city block. “The art of inserting a new building into an historic city block,” says Piano, “means engaging in an open, physical dialogue with the existing city buildings.” In other words, it’s an exercise in reclaiming space.

April 2014

Des maisons de 200m2 imprimées en 3D pour 4 300€ ! | 3Dnatives

by sbrothier
Il n’aura fallu qu’un seul jour pour fabriquer la première maison par impression 3D et c’est dans la ville de Shanghai que cela s’est passé il y a quelques semaines. C’est la société Shanghai WinSun Decoration Engineering Co qui est à l’origine de ce baptême dans l’industrie de la construction et explique travailler depuis plusieurs années sur la machine et les matériaux de construction.

February 2014

Giles Pike Architects : glass additions | FLODEAU

by sbrothier
Here is a selection of residential projects by South West London practice Giles Pike Architects. Minimalist and contemporary glass structures and glazed extensions have been added to redesigned rear facades, allowing excellent views from the house on to the garden.


by sbrothier
A view, not a window

December 2013

A Magical Tree House Lights Up for Christmas

by sbrothier
“When I was 14 years old, I wrote myself a letter, which I still have,” says Jeri Wakefield. “It reads, ‘No matter what happens in my life, I pledge to be the best grandmother I can be, so when I have grandkids they will have happy memories of their grandmother and their childhood.’”

November 2013

Vitra | Diogene: A cabin designed by Renzo Piano and RPBW for Vitra

by sbrothier
In June 2013, a further element will be introduced on the Vitra Campus. On a hill between the VitraHaus and the Dome, the Italian architect Renzo Piano and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) has developed “Diogene”, which to date is Vitra’s smallest building ― but largest product.

The Gable Goes Mobile, Micro and Mod

by sbrothier
The year 2013 may be remembered as the year when micro started to become cool. People had been talking about living in small houses as an alternative to oversize suburban houses and urban pads for decades, but a number of events and projects converged in 2013. In January there was an exhibition and news about microunits in New York City, matched by similar news in San Francisco and other cities. And then every month a new tiny prefab housing unit was unveiled, breaking out of the confines of the city and moving into nature.

Microunits Are Coming to NYC. See the Winning Design

by sbrothier
In July 2012 New York City's Department of Housing Preservation and Development launched an adAPT NYC competition to develop a building with microunits on a city-owned lot in Manhattan's Kips Bay neighborhood. The competition was spurred by the changing demographics of the city, which now has 1.8 million one- and two-person households (comprising more than 20 percent of its 8.4 million residents) but only 1 million one-bedroom and studio apartments. Furthermore, the current zoning code restricts the size of apartments and their density (number of units per lot), making it impossible to build small units for singles and couples.

October 2013

The Printer That Can Print A 2,500 Square Foot House In 20 Hours. | Industry Tap

by sbrothier
We have seen huge advancements in 3D printing. We’ve even seen oversized wrenches printed that measure 1.2 meters in length. Now, we can print an entire 2,500 sqft house in 20 hours. In the TED Talk video below, Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering at the University of Southern California (USC), demonstrates automated construction, using 3D printers to build an entire house in 20 hours.

September 2013

A Rare Tour of Le Corbusier's Last (and Most Brilliant) Building

by sbrothier (via)
A retrospective closes this weekend at MoMA on Swiss architect Le Corbusier, best known for his residential projects like Villa Savoye (as well as that chair). But I'd argue that his most genius work was Église Saint-Pierre, a remarkable cathedral in Firminy, France. Here, Le Corbusier manages a kind of architectural alchemy: creating the effect of stained glass windows with only paint and concrete.

JVA Startpage -

by sbrothier & 1 other
Architecture should start in the beginning of any planning process, primarily it is a tool of organizing. Architecture needs relationship; it should grow on resistance to gain a reflective content. Architecture ought to be interesting rather than pretty. Architecture has to be a greater challenge than just making your (old) dreams physical. Architectural challenges are international, solutions should cross borders. Architecture must be practiced in an open context in an increasing field of related professions. Architecture should be exciting, not just satisfying. Architecture has to be healthy in a wide sense. Architecture is not just about the money.

Its interior bays once held racehorses, but now this all-white and wood home holds fascination as a modern part-time home

by sbrothier
Tucked away on the lush grounds of an English estate, this 1900s stable once housed prized racehorses before suffering decades of neglect. But despite the lack of electricity and modern plumbing, the structure was relatively sound and stood steady, so the owners worked with architect Andy Ramus to turn it into a modern guesthouse, saving what they could from the original structure. The original stable doors and walls define the new layout; they now stand out amid the new neutral palette. Converted trough sinks, towel holders made from horse ties and sliding stable doors complement Ramus' simple, modern additions perfectly.

June 2013

Switch Systems

by sbrothier
Quality inside and out. A cut above the rest. Our light switching systems. Our switching systems made of porcelain, bakelite and duroplast have been developed by our in-house specialists. We have produced them in Thuringia (porcelain covers and inner units) and in Westphalia (bakelite and duroplast covers, inner units ans switching mechanisms).


by sbrothier
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