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film musique 2010

by darifart
Musique film 2010 marocaine Musique libanaise Musique algérienne Musique égyptienne, music Ecouter la musique arabe gratuite en ligne et regardez des film rekza arabe en ligne, arabic movies



U.S. Department of State Watching Sabbah's Blog!

by sabbah & 1 other
The prophecy coming true. U.S. Department of State watching and harassing a blogger in the Middle East. They are not happy about his 'allegation' that U.S. Army is committing terror!!

Arab World and the Internet

by jfb1138
While use of the Internet expands in the Arab world, so do Arab governments' efforts to control it. Control is impossible, but it can make it harder to get where you want to go, do what you want to do.


The Voice Of Somaliland Diaspora-Ottawa

by owukori
nothing but a declaration of race war on Africa. It is an invitation to more Arabs to invadeand colonize Africa. Indeed, it is a call for the final phase of the 15 centuries old Arab lebensraum war on Afrikans - a war to Islamise and conquer all of Africa

Prostitution is now official and religiously condoned in Arab land

by sabbah
Now, I’m happy to see that my dream is coming true. Yes, it is not called prostitution in this part of the world, we call it Misyar, or Mesyaf (another brand in Saudi, read about it here), or Tourist marriage (like the one in Yemen, but also invented by Saudi visitors, read about it here), etc… but at the end of the day, it is official, and it is religiously approved, so I won’t go to hell if I do it, do I?

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