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August 2011

Mac Apps: Motion FX

by alamat (via)
Autodesk® Motion FX lets you create stunning real-time video effects using your computer’s camera. Simply select your favorite preset effect, and create an incredible visual experience by moving in front of your computer’s camera. A preset cycling mode lets you automatically cycle through effects without lifting a finger. You can also use the Face Tracking technology of OS X Lion to emit effects from any faces visible to your camera.

iOS Apps: ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier

by alamat (via)
How would you look as a zombie?! What about your friends? ZombieBooth is a fun way to instantly make your face into a 3D, animated zombie! You can even record and share videos of your zombified friends!

June 2011

iOS Apps: Comic Zeal Comic Reader

by alamat (via)
Imagine holding your comic library in your hands; with Comic Zeal, you don’t have to imagine. Your iPad is the perfect device for reading comics, but reading comics and manga isn’t like reading books. You need a specialist app that can:

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