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LiberKey - free apps on usb

by wabaus & 1 other
Portable software applications from USB for Windows

OS X Portable Applications

by wabaus & 1 other
Portable software applications from USB drive for Mac OS X.

100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (for Mac and Win)

by wabaus & 1 other
100 Portable software applications for your USB Stick (for Mac and Win)

by wabaus & 94 others, 1 comment
Portable software applications that run from a USB drive. Windows only.

by wabaus & 3 others
Portable software applications that run from USB drives. Windows and Mac applications.

How to Migrate to Linux

by wabaus
Good Knol article on Linux migration (from Windows) with links to lists of Linux application equivalents for Windows applications



by springnet
If you spend, or plan to spend, substantial dollars on Web services or software support for your startup, you’ll want to read this post. I’m going to show you how, with my 8 Steps to Running Your Business Off Low-Cost Web-Apps,

5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online

by springnet & 4 others
resources and tools to be more productive on the web. Due to popular demand, we’ve brought all these lists together into one gigantic meta-list: 5000+ Resources to Do Just About Anything Online.

5 Disruptive Technologies To Watch In 2007 -- RFID -- InformationWeek

by springnet
Zimbra for hosting enterprise-class e-mail, Amazon's S3 for offsite disk storage, for project management, Concur for expense reporting, and Jive Software's Clearspace for document and workflow management.

Big WebOS roundup - 10 online operating systems reviewed

by springnet & 8 others
WebOS is a virtual operating system that runs in your web browser. More precisely, it’s a set of applications running in a web browser that together mimic, replace or largely supplement a desktop OS environment.


Hari’s Corner » Top 50 Linux Apps

by ruadrift & 1 other
For a while now, I have been considering the idea of drawing up a list of the best applications for Linux in 10 broad categories. The purpose of such a list would be to cover as many areas as possible while not overwhelming any single category with too many apps. I also thought it would be a good idea to involve my readers in this exercise so that I would have more choices to add to the final list than the ones I have come up with.

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