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February 2008

RightScale: Setup and Manage 1 to 1000 Servers on AWS!

by camel & 6 others
RightScale's platform and expertise helps customers create scalable web applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

January 2008

Selenium, testez fonctionnellement vos applications web (partie 2/2) - Un Electron Libre...

by camel
Suite de notre épopée sur Selenium, l’outil de test fonctionnel pour des applications web

December 2007

openMairie — Open-Mairie

by camel (via)
Un projet, un composant, un framework ... openMairie est un projet libre OPERATIONNEL dans les Collectivités Locales: des applications primées plus de 10 applications opérationnelles et des projets structurants TROPHEES D'OR : openElec Gestion des listes electorales openResultat : Résultats électoraux openStock : Gestion de stocks et facturation openTel : Gestion téléphonique openRecouvrement : Recouvrement de titres openParc : Gestion de parc informatique openComInterne : Communication Interne openPresse : Revue de Presse openCourrier : Gestion du courrier openCatalogue : Gestion de Catalogue openReglement : Cartes Identités, passeport, attestation de territoire ... openElec : gestion des listes électorales openCimetiere : gestion des concessions cimetieres openFoncier : gestion des autorisations des droits du sol

DryIcons | Free Icon Sets

by camel & 8 others
All icon sets at are carefully designed and developed by our team of professional web and graphic designers. We designed the DryIcons website to bring your applications the best professional appearance. All of our icon sets contain icons commonly available in 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 pixel 32-bit transparency PNG format and 128x128 pixel Photoshop's PSD image format.

10 Semantic Apps to Watch

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
The purpose of this post is to highlight 10 Semantic Apps. We're not touting this as a 'Top 10', because there is no way to rank these apps at this point - many are still non-public apps, e.g. in private beta. It reflects the nascent status of this sector, even though people like Hillis and Spivack have been working on their apps for years now.

November 2007

Interface elements for jQuery - About Interface

by camel & 19 others
Interface is a collection of rich interface components which utilizes the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery. With this components you can build rich client web applications and interfaces with the same simplicity as writing JavaScript with jQuery.

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