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November 2007

Canonical to Provide Optimized Ubuntu OS Layer for VMware Virtual Appliances | Ubuntu

by camel (via)
Ubuntu JeOS (pronounced "Juice") is an efficient variant of the popular desktop and server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances. "The efficiencies inherent in an operating system that is built for a virtualised world mean that ISVs looking to deploy their applications in this lucrative and growing market have an obvious deployment target in the Ubuntu JeOS Edition," said Stephen O'Grady, analyst at RedMonk. "As the delivery platforms and economics of licensing continue to change, the flexibility and reach of the Ubuntu operating system make it an increasingly popular choice for far sighted ISVs."

September 2007

Bienvenue sur VAFEO — vafeo

by camel & 1 other
VAFEO est une suite des distributions Linux qui propose des applications open source parmi les plus réputées. Les distributions VAFEO sont composées d'une base Debian Etch et d'un ensemble d'applications cohérentes. VAFEO offre des images systèmes prêtes à utiliser dans de différents environnements virtuels : KVM, Parallels, VirtualBox, Virtual PC, VMWare, ou Xen. VAFEO existe aussi sous forme de Live CD/DVD qui permet aux utilisateurs d'effectuer une évaluation rapide de la suite. Dans le cas où le système répond aux attentes, l'outil vafeo2hd pourra être activé afin d'installer une distribution sur disque dur pour un usage permanent.

January 2007

Running Windows as a VM on Linux with VMware Server

by camel & 1 other
What if there was a way to publish an application on the Linux desktop via a remote connection protocol like Remote Desktop Protocol? I know that this sounds an awful lot like Citrix and, in fact, what I am proposing is similar. However, Citrix is expensive and seems to be overkill for just a few network/security administrators' laptops or desktops. This recipe consists of a laptop/desktop running Linux in a GUI with VMware Server, a Windows XP VM and a product called 2X Application Server for Windows Terminal Services. Once you are done, you will have a Windows XP VM running as a service and loaded with any applications that you may need.

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