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How Laser Printers First Appeared and Developed

by Stargaser
On October 22, 1938, when American inventor Chester Carlson together with German immigrant Otto Kornei first transferred an image from a glass microscope slide to a sheet of wax paper using method later called electrophotography. Kornei wrote the words “10.-22.-38 ASTORIA.” in ink on a glass microscope slide. Then the experimentalists prepared a zinc plate with a sulphur coating, darkened the room, rubbed the sulphur surface with a handkerchief to apply an electrostatic charge. After that they laid the slide on the zinc plate, exposing it to a bright, incandescent light.

Apple Iphone

by jcosmo77 (via)
The latest craze is the Apple Iphone. Everyone wants to know what an iphone looks like and when they will be released. Well I believe I at least know what one of the Apple Iphone models looks like. Storage: 4GB or 8GB Screen size: 3.5 inches


Woz highlights celebration of Apple's history - CNET

by plasticdreams
Hundreds flock to Computer History Museum to hear Steve Wozniak and other early Apple employees tell insider stories.Photos: Museum rings in Apple's 30thVideo: Wozniak reminisces

Party Poker Anywhere - Mac, PC, and Linux

by dbirider & 1 other (via)
Today Marks the first day that Mac users can play real money games at Party Poker, without using software to emulate windows. Party Poker's 'Anywhere' release will work on any browser on a Mac, Linux, or PC.

Ensures Consulting

by funnyguilly
Geneva-based Consulting Boutique. IT Strategy, Business IT Alignment, Web 2.0

by kapoek
Macintosh development, open source development.


by byohan & 3 others
Apple, Macintosh and iPod news

by byohan & 3 others
toute l'actualité iPod et de la musique numérique

Apple Matters

by kapoek
Apple Matters provides original commentary on topics including the impact of Apple on our culture, exclusive profiles of people in Apple’s storied history such as Herbie Hancock and Guy Kawasaki, and product reviews. Its talented, and somewhat-eccentric, editorial team include founder/publisher and editor-in-chief, Hadley Stern, Senior Contributing Editor Gregory Ng, Senior Writer Chris Seibold, and Writers Chris Howard and James R. Stoup.



by Mogore & 2 others
Soundstream is a Mac OS X screensaver created with Quartz Composer. It consists of a randomly moving particle generator (reminiscent of Flurry) that reacts to the sound level picked up by your computer's microphone.

The Apple Blog

by Mogore & 1 other
The Apple Blog is a service mark of Sabotage Media, LLC.

Apple - Mighty Mouse

by sunny & 6 others
Voici la nouvelle souris d'apple :) Comme quoi avec un seul bouton elle peut faire tout comme les grandes !

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