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How to Setup VNC on Mac OS X - wikiHow

by rmaltete & 1 other
Need to control an Apple computer running OS X 10.4 Tiger or OS X 10.5 Leopard from a remote location? That's the purpose of VNC!


Pairing/Unpairing Apple remotes |

by simon_bricolo
Comment résoudre les problèmes de mélange de télécommande apple dans une même pièce

Apple - Support - Discussions - New solution to Remote app initial ...

by nhoizey
This is for those who cannot get iTunes to allow them to input the four-digit code from their iPod/iPhone



by nhoizey
Proxi is designed to let you configure all of your Griffin devices in one easy to use interface. Not only that, but Proxi allows you to define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute a repeating task, and much more.

Derek Punsalan - 5ThirtyOne

by springnet & 8 others
the steps necessary to control two or more Apple computers [at the same time] is quite simple and easily completed by anyone willing and able to follow a few simple directions.


Use Apple Remote with VLC Player

by niko
Use Remote Buddy to remote control VLC media player, Real Player, KeyNotes using the Apple Remote contro on your Mac.

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