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Navigation Internet : l’iPad déjà à hauteur d’Android et des BlackBerry

by kasi77
Selon les chiffres Net Applications, la tablette Apple a atteint 0,04% du trafic Internet quotidien, ce qui la place à égalité d’Android et des smartphones BlackBerry.

Derek Powazek - What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow

by nhoizey
"Tomorrow, if the stars align, Apple could unleash a device that’s sexier than reading a magazine."


Le premier "Google phone" vient concurrencer Apple et son iPhone

by kooolman
"L'opérateur téléphonique T-Mobile a présenté mardi à la presse son téléphone G1, premier combiné portable à fonctionner avec le logiciel d'exploitation Android mis au point par le groupe internet Google pour concurrencer Apple et son iPhone."


by sar420
Many young people around the world use the internet every day, and yet they have no memory of the history that led to the creation of the global network. Many have no understanding of how or why the internet has developed. 1972 - Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack get stoned out of their minds and build a computer that costs a fortune and runs no software. "Everyone will want one of these!", says Jobs. 1976 - Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe develops Ethernet, later to be replaced by SodiumPentatholNet. 1977 - E-mail invented. most common message: "Let me know when you're there so I can call you"


by CoseDaPatsy & 1 other
Blog interessante e aggiornato su hightech,internet,download,software,hacking

Windows Vista did not copy Mac

by kooolman
Meuuuuh non ils n'ont pas tout copié, allez hein, soyez pas de mauvaise foi, tsss !


by Jibe, 1 comment
Tout ce que j'ai pu trouver sur internet, du petit gadget totalement futile et inutile à l'information importante du monde Mac.

Party Poker Anywhere - Mac, PC, and Linux

by dbirider & 1 other (via)
Today Marks the first day that Mac users can play real money games at Party Poker, without using software to emulate windows. Party Poker's 'Anywhere' release will work on any browser on a Mac, Linux, or PC.

Party Poker Releases Beta Mac Client

by dbirider
Party Poker has quietly released a beta Mac compatible version of their online poker room. Mac users can finally join the more then 18 million Party Poker players.

Stuff n Things

by steviehype
This site has all the useless, stupid and funny crap one seems to come across on travels of the internet. Yes, thats right, Its another useless website full of little titbits, but that can be fun when your bored right?

Amazon plans to take on iTunes, iPod - Computerworld

by zboog Inc. plans to launch its own Internet music service to rival Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes Music Store, The Wall Street Journal reported today, citing unidentified sources.


Broadband Tuner 1.0

by marco & 1 other
The Broadband Tuner allows you to take full advantage of very high speed FiOS based Internet connections that have a high latency

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