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Viber | Free calls, free voip, free phone calls from iPhone

by juanito & 2 others
Free your calls! Call anyone, anywhere. International free calls to other Viber users using 3G or Wi-Fi.

YouTube - Poodle Loop

by HK
With Loop app, you can make music with anything, anywhere, anytime you like. To prove the point, we asked Warrior One to create a track as far away from the music studio as possible... all the way to a poodle parlour in Shanghai. Recorded on location in Loop, on a Nokia N8, the film follows the transformation of three scruffy young poodles into bouncing, brightly coloured masterpieces. Loop is available on the Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 exclusive to Nokia Ovi Store. You can listen to more tracks at No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

December 2010

Magnatune: we are not evil (independant record label) | Full album streaming

by garret & 22 others
Stream or download music in MP3 format (no DRM) without charge before choosing whether to buy or not. (The MP3s available for free download have a small spoken word tag that mentions Magnatune appended to them.) [Wikipedia]

November 2010

October 2010


by nhoizey
An HTML editor designed for Web Professionals and Hobbyists

September 2010

Easy WiFi

by nhoizey
"Many public WiFi networks need you to login using a web browser (technically, called captive-portals). Easy WiFi is designed to automate this login process"

VLC sur iPad !

by nhoizey
« Vous souhaitez lire une vidéo sur votre iPad, quel que soit son format ? Nous aussi. C’est pourquoi nous avons porté le lecteur multimédia par excellence, VLC, sur iPad. »

Photo Frame for Flickr iPad app

by nhoizey
Photo Frame turns your iPad into a stunning digital picture frame by showing a slideshow of photos from popular photo-sharing site Flickr. Photo Frame can load the latest interesting photos, recent photos and even your own photos, favourites and contacts' photos.

Portfolio To Go iPad App

by nhoizey
Portfolio To Go is the perfect iPad app for artists and photographers who use to showcase their photographs online.

August 2010

Dodo-Sitter pour l'iPhone dans l'App Store d'iTunes

by julie

Découvrez Dodo-Sitter, une nounou « nouvelle génération », et restez proche de bébé même quand il dort.

Avec Dodo-Sitter, surveillez, bercez et endormez bébé en toute sérénité !

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