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February 2013

Non, je ne vais pas télécharger ton application mobile de merde ! - Framablog

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
Tom Morris souhaite juste lire un article de presse. Sauf que la procédure pour y arriver n’est pas la même selon qu’il se trouve sur bon vieil ordinateur ou sur son clinquant smartphone (ici un iPhone). Alors Tom Morris en a marre et nous le dit sur son blog dans un style qui ne fait pas dans la dentelle !

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July 2012

Jotly | Rate Everything

by gregg
Rate Everything. Everything about your life is exciting. To Everyone. With Jotly you can: - Rate anything. Even yourself. - Rate nothing. This will be fascinating to friends and foes.

June 2012

May 2012

Who's Around You

by oseres
Circle Always know when Friends and Networks are nearby

A Sneak Peek At Our Upcoming Kanji Learning Site: WaniKani

by sbrothier
We’ve been moderately quiet about the kanji learning site WaniKani. Since it’s getting close to private alpha time (if you get the 30 Day Ebook there’s a link in there for previously said private alpha) I wanted to shed some details on the project that Viet’s been so hard at work on all these months. Of course, since it’s quite early everything I’m about to say is liable to change, but don’t you want to know more anyways?

April 2012

Appli métro parisien alternative

by kippik999
Avec plan fait maison et sortie etc...

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