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September 2010

Photo Frame for Flickr iPad app

by nhoizey
Photo Frame turns your iPad into a stunning digital picture frame by showing a slideshow of photos from popular photo-sharing site Flickr. Photo Frame can load the latest interesting photos, recent photos and even your own photos, favourites and contacts' photos.

Portfolio To Go iPad App

by nhoizey
Portfolio To Go is the perfect iPad app for artists and photographers who use to showcase their photographs online.

August 2010

Dodo-Sitter pour l'iPhone dans l'App Store d'iTunes

by julie

Découvrez Dodo-Sitter, une nounou « nouvelle génération », et restez proche de bébé même quand il dort.

Avec Dodo-Sitter, surveillez, bercez et endormez bébé en toute sérénité !

Applimakers - annuaire de développeurs iphone et d'agences de développement mobile

by nhoizey
Applimakers met en relation les développeurs d'applications mobiles francophones avec des porteurs de projets. Si vous cherchez un prestataire pour créer votre application iPhone parcourez les Portfolios. Si vous êtes agence ou développeur iPhone, inscrivez-vous gratuitement.

July 2010

June 2010


by 4004 (via)
Nodal genesis is a piece of interactive art where the user cunducts nodes across a void uinverse.

May 2010

What is a reusable app? — django-reusable-app-docs v0.1.0 documentation

by ghis (via)
A reusable Django app, is an app that is easily plugged into a project, providing a very specific piece of functionality. They should be focused and follow the Unix philosophy of “Do one thing and do it well.” Please refer to James Bennett’s Djangocon talk on the subject for more info.

April 2010

Mapzen POI Collector - the only iPhone OpenStreetMap mapping application

by nhoizey
"Mapzen POI Collector lets you add businesses, local amenities and other places of interest to OpenStreetMap – all from one free, easy to use iPhone application"

March 2010

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