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2009 - Webservice that tags your resources

by Xavier Lacot & 5 others is a simple webservice that helps you in tagging textual content on and off the web



PHP Tag Engine - Trac

by dzc & 6 others
PHP Tag Engine is a library that allows you to easily add tagging functionality to a PHP application.

2005 json feeds

by thauser & 5 others
You can load a javascript object that contains your latest bookmarks, by including the following script: […] The object itself is an array named Delicious.posts comprised of zero or more objects, each representing a post. Each post object has a url valu

Simpy Services

by thauser
''All you hackers out there can now pull your data out of your Simpy accounts and integrate it into your own applications, blogs, etc. The API is a simple REST API:

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