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Echoprint - Open source music identification

by srcmax & 1 other
Echoprint is an open source music identification system that allows anyone to build music fingerprinting into their application. It is powered by The Echo Nest, in partnership with Musicbrainz.


Streampad - music player for Blogs etc.

by garret (via)
The all new Streampad site is now live! We've made things even easier for you to put Streampad on your site. In addition to supporting Tumblr, we now have custom plugins for Wordpress, Blogger and Typepad. If your site is running on something else, don't worry, we have you covered too. Streampad has always been customizable, but until now you had to have some basic web development skills to know what you were doing. That is no longer the case. We have rolled out an all new Customize feature right on the site. You can choose colors from a drop down as well as choose which features you want to include on your site. It's simple and fun!


SoundManager 2: Javascript Sound for the Web

by Xavier Lacot & 13 others (via)
SoundManager 2 is an attempt at providing the sound API which Javascript has been missing. It's a Javascript library which wraps and extends Flash's sound capabilities, bringing cross-platform audio functionality to Javascript.


Code Log » Minim

by Krome & 1 other
Minim is an audio library that uses the JavaSound API, a bit of Tritonus, and Javazoom’s MP3SPI to provide an easy to use audio library for people developing in the Processing environment. The philosophy behind the API is to make integrating audio into your sketches as simple as possible while still providing a reasonable amount of flexibility for more advanced users.


EnMusicApi - Jamendo

by communismisdead (via)
This simple API allows you to fetch any data related to the music on jamendo. It is read-only.

Homepage - Scrobbler. A Playlist PHP Class

by rikaizm
WebAPIをPHPから簡単に使うためのクラスライブラリ -

by ycc2106
Soundtoys may take the form of art, games, generative music, interactive environments, shockwave movies, etc. They could be described as "new audio visual experiences", or multimedia experiments which explore the parameters of our new media world.They mig


by michaelmd
nightlife, clubbing, parties, gigs, festivals events listings for many cities worldwide + data feeds, web services, blogs, forums, directory, music reviews & more. Post your public events (its free). You can use the forms, an ical client, or submit your a data feed of your public events or use the rss, ical, hcalendar or javascript feeds to display events for your city and your favourite categories. check for more info about syndication and data feeds. SPRACI has been online and evolving since 1994.

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